VR Simulators – The Future of Pilot Training?

There is no doubt that flight simulators have been a useful tool for pilots who need to learn how to fly. There are many reasons why virtual reality (VR) is the next great technological breakthrough gaining acceptance as the new way to train pilots.

From a cost standpoint, training pilots with VR headsets in conjunction with artificial intelligence and advanced biometrics requires an investment of $1,000 per VR unit.

No Reality Reset Button

Using flight simulators, pilots attempted the alternative return to airport strategy.

Reality Fusion

The discrepancy between the pilot results in the flight simulator and what took place in the actual skies above New York City suggests that while invaluable as a learning tool, flight simulators do not go far enough from a training standpoint.

To help bridge the gap, NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in conjunction with Systems Technology Inc. is taking the flight simulator to the air. Under the name Fused Reality, the head-mounted virtual reality tool will enable pilots to train for various situations while flying.

The longer-term vision for Fused Reality is that every plane will have a built-in flight simulator capability.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham  https://aviationvoice.com/vr-simulators-the-future-of-pilot-training-2-201906111357/