Start of Smart Taxiing in India – KSU Initiates Operations of IAI’s TaxiBot Vehicles in Indian Airports

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KSU from India has recently initiated TaxiBot operations in Delhi International airport. The TaxiBot system offers better efficiency and significant green and economic benefits which will support the rapid growth in India’s aviation market that is expected to become soon the third largest aviation market in the world.

The hauling of the aircraft by the TaxiBot saves 85% of the fuel consumed during standard taxi and provides a similar reduction of 85% of the greenhouse gases emitted by the aircraft’s main engines. Taxiing with the TaxiBot reduces noise levels by 60% and foreign object damage by 50% as foreign objects can’t be sucked into the aircraft engines if they are not running. An additional benefit is the streamlining and increased throughput of aircraft entering and exiting the terminal area.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Ta Ngoc Diep: