Tork Expands Into MRO Industrial Cleaning Products


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Industrial cleaning product provider Tork recently expanded into the aviation industry with a wide range of task-based wiping products designed specifically for the demands of the MRO industry.

Tork says these products can provide a safer working environment. According to the company, its products use 40% fewer solvents because they absorb quickly and release them evenly compared to textile products like rags. Tork offers low-lint and industrial low-lint cleaning cloths for potential static charge areas such as fuel tanks or cockpit electronics

Tork also provides heavy-duty cleaning cloths for areas such as the engine and airframe as well as industrial heavy-duty wiping paper, which is recommended for cleaning composite surfaces, windows and light shields

Tork says its wipers will help minimize aircraft maintenance downtimes and streamline procedures, making the use of rags obsolete.

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