The social side of sustainable business models: An explorative analysis of the low-cost airline industry

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This paper examined the social side of sustainable business models with the objective of generating empirical evidence to support the adoption, innovation and success of such models. Following a review of the existing literature, four propositions are formulated and subsequently tested through a multiple case study of four international low-cost carriers. The results have implications for theory and practice as they reveal that integrating social sustainability in the business model i) does not automatically influence financial performance, although it may have a role in the long-term financial outcomes of the firm; ii) influences the characteristics and effectiveness of sustainable innovation; iii) must be accompanied by intelligent managerial activity to be effective; and iv) does not necessarily lead to faster financial recovery in the aftermath of a discontinuity, but it does make a firm more resilient over a long-term basis.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Tran Thi Tan