Senator Schumer Pressures Airlines to Keep Families Together

Delta has outfitted its 700th plane with industry-leading seatback screens.

Sen. Charles Schumer, a longtime thorn in the side of the aviation industry, is on the warpath against airlines. This time, Schumer (D-NY) wants carriers to stop separating parents and their children when seated for flights, he wrote on Sunday.

In a letter to current DOT Secretary Elaine Chao, Schumer asked her to start resolving the issue.

Citing an article from Consumer Reports, Schumer noted that there were 136 complaints filed against airlines for separating parents from children between March 2016 and November 2018. In two cases, United Airlines broke up families traveling with 1-year-olds, the report found. Schumer wrote to Chao. “Airlines should have a responsibility to put families first over profits and fees, and the [DOT] must act now to come up with sensible guidelines”.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham