Rolls Unveils IntelligentEngine Digital Strategy

Rolls expects the IntelligentEngine initiative to play a greater role in designing more integrated airframe-engine combinations as the industry moves towards turbo-electric and hybrid propulsion systems in the future.

While elements of the digital strategy, dubbed the IntelligentEngine, have been emerging for several years as engines have become smarter and services more data-driven, Rolls-Royce says leaps in processing power, data analytics, connectivity and cloud computing have enabled a step change in the way digital technology can impact the entire engine enterprise. Rolls-Royce has seen the digital footprint of each successive engine generation increase in lock-step with the use of computerized design systems and the growth in operating and performance data. The IntelligentEngine initiative builds on recently established links between Rolls-Royce and tech companies like Microsoft and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) that Goodhead says gives the manufacturer the ability to “supercharge the overlap of products and services.” Rolls and Microsoft agreed in 2016 to integrate advanced analytics into the engine maker’s TotalCare services system based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. In December Rolls also launched the R2 Data Labs organization aimed at using advanced data analytics, industrial Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning techniques to develop new design, manufacturing and operational efficiencies.  GE, and its CFM joint venture with Safran, is developing the ‘digital twin’ concept to reduce unplanned engine downtime.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham