Predicting The Future Of The Cabin

IFE Seat Back Screens

Cabin innovation broadly divides into three categories: utilization of space; weight savings; and use of technology such as lighting and in-flight entertainment.

New metal alloys, carbon fibers and manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing are still to be used extensively in the cabin. As such, they do offer potential for lighter equipment.

This leaves technology as perhaps the most transformative factor in the short term. LED lighting can be altered to suit the time of day, new IFE systems will link to passengers’ personal devices and virtual reality goggles could offer both entertainment and a convincing illusion of spaciousness.

Behind the scenes, meanwhile, the digitization of the cabin will encompass many more embedded sensors to start generating the data needed to correctly influence future design decisions.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Ta Ngoc Diep: