Optimization Software Needed To Improve Maintenance

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Once an airline has a modern maintenance-management system, fed by quality data, the next level of maintenance software to consider is optimization and simulation software, argues Fredrik Ekstrand, CEO of Cervino, a maintenance consultancy. For most maintenance-management applications are book-keeping systems focused on technical records and continuous airworthiness. Ekstrand says they do not help allocate mechanics and shifts, advise on part stocks, or choose between in-house versus outsource maintenance.

Ekstrand says the challenges in using Big Data include the complexity of collecting data from each flight and then matching this data to the actual configurations of specific aircraft at specific times. This may be easy in principle, “but it is hard to actually make happen . . . Lots of different IT systems and organizations are involved, and the timing of collecting the events is different from time to time. Airlines need to overcome these hurdles to be ready to actually exploit the value of the big data they produce”.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Giang Tan  https://www.mro-network.com/technology/optimization-software-needed-improve-maintenance