Opinion: Disrupting Aviation With Artificial Intelligence

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The International Air Transport Association hosted its annual Safety and Flight Operations conference in Montreal in April.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ubiquitous, and inevitably it will disrupt the aviation industry—soon not just AI but other more traditional data science practices used by startups will be adopted by the slow-moving giants in aviation.

The key factor in aviation is to use approved devices that do not attach to or interfere with the aircraft.

Such devices will not substitute for the deterministic models used to operate the aircraft. They can, however, disrupt the industry by getting similar results once large amounts of data are analyzed.

One of the greatest breakthroughs of AI is in computer vision. Smart cameras that can run deep learning models (the basic ingredient of AI) can scan what is happening in the visual field of pilots. One of the biggest complaints is about obstacles encountered during takeoff that often are not recorded in databases.

Cellphones can collect information about sudden accelerations and audible noises coming from vibrations. They can also measure unusual activity in the cabin that comes from temperature discomfort or low cabin pressure.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham