North Korea Signals Intent To Resolve Overflight Concerns

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ICAO officials traveled to North Korea to hold talks with the reclusive nation’s civil aviation authorities.

The ICAO mission included the agency’s air navigation bureau director Stephen Creamer and ICAO director Asia-Pacific office Arun Mishra. They met with North Korea’s General Administration of Civil Aviation (GACA) deputy director general Ri Yong Son.

North Korea expressed its “interest in opening new routes through [its] airspace for overflight traffic”, ICAO said. The country’s aviation authorities have previously sent a request to ICAO to establish a new air traffic service route between North Korea’s Pyongyang flight information region (FIR) and the Incheon FIR, which is controlled by South Korea. ICAO has forwarded this proposal to South Korea.

In general, ICAO said it “welcomed” North Korea’s “proposals and collaborative approach”.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham