Low-Cost Long-Haul Airlines Haven’t Solved Their Late Arrivals Problem

Low-cost airlines grew up on short-haul flights, and haven’t made a smooth transition into the long-haul arena. With fewer resources at far-flung airports, carriers like Norwegian and AirAsia X often don’t have adequate backup plans.

Discount carriers Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA and AirAsia X may fly you between continents for significantly less than many other operators, but there’s also a good chance you’ll arrive late.

The rankings show the challenges in applying the no-frills model that has thrived on short-haul routes to the more complex inter-continental market.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Giang Tan   https://skift.com/2019/01/05/low-cost-long-haul-airlines-havent-solved-their-late-arrivals-problem/