Increasing civil aviation capacity in China requires harmonizing the physical and human components of capacity: A review and investigation

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China is the world’s second largest aviation market and is projected to become the largest by the mid-2020s. However, there is a mismatch among the three critical components that determine aviation capacity: airports, airlines, and air traffic management. The uneven pace of development for these major components within the aviation system limits the efforts to improve on-time performance and accommodate the growing market demand. Through a careful examination of academic literature, official reports, and news articles, this study examines the recent achievements, reform, and institutional challenges facing the three critical components in China’s aviation system. It highlights their interactions with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the omnipresent aviation authority in China, and explains the mismatch between the rapidly expanding ground aviation infrastructure and a highly constrained airspace amid increasing demand for air travel and worsening on-time performance. By incorporating institutional factors into the discussion of the critical components, this study aims to help enhance the understanding of China’s civil aviation and inform officials to take necessary actions to prepare the country for the continuing growth of its aviation market.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Quynh Hoa