ICAO to schedule North Korea oversight safety audit

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ICAO is holding discussions with North Korean authoritieswith the aim of scheduling an aviation safety oversight audit of the country.

The ICAO audit process examines the regulatory and safety oversight mechanisms of a particular country, with findings based on aviation authorities rather than local airlines. If the audit identifies serious safety concerns (SSCs), ICAO can put a country on its “red flag” list, which often prompts other countries to restrict access for the flagged nation’s airlines.

There have been promising signs recently that North Korea wants to improve its civil aviation relations with ICAO and with other states. ICAO sent a mission to the reclusive country in May, during which North Korean officials pledged that no more unannounced missile launches would occur. At that time, North Korea’s General Administration of Civil Aviation (GACA) also committed to pursue ICAO safety oversight and security audits.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Giang Tan http://atwonline.com/safety/icao-schedule-north-korea-oversight-safety-audit