Fifteen Tips For Cybersecurity

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Thales’s Data Security Summit in Washington on May 31 provided some guidance on how managers can counter the cyber threats:

  1. Know your data
  2. Know the threats.
  3. Go on Offense.
  4. Look For Vulnerabilities.
  5. Perimeter Defense Is Not Enough.
  6. Encrypt All Data.
  7. Keep Your Keys.
  8. The Cloud Is Great.
  9. Know Your Clouds.
  10.   Pay Attention To Data Moving To Or From The Cloud.
  11.   Don’t Neglect Physical Security.
  12.   Mobility is Great.
  13.   Know Your Suppliers.
  14.  Communicate And Enforce Data Security.
  15.   Don’t Rest.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Ta Ngoc Diep: