Facial Thermography Can Assess Pilot’s Mental Pressure

Mental Pressure

With the skies becoming ever more congesAll Poststed, pilots and air traffic controllers have to juggle a number of tasks and mental pressure on the rise, with multiple tasks demanding both skill and situational awareness.

Researchers were interested in developing a method that can estimate the demands being made without having to interrupt a task or distract the operator. When used in conjunction with machine learning, they offer a better correlation to reported workloads.
Simultaneous eye-tracking showed that pupils dilated as the demand increased. The team wanted to take the research further to develop automated systems to assist operators and their supervisors at times of excessive workload.
“We know that there is a correlation between workload and nose temperature, breathing rate, and pupil diameter, but people are highly variable.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham