Editorial: Why Coronavirus Cannot Kill Aviation

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After a run of unparalleled and seemingly unstoppable prosperity, aviation and aerospace have flown into a perfect storm. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic first crippled a crucial growth engine, China, and is now decimating air transport markets around the world.

But this industry has survived many big challenges. Each time commercial aviation has recovered and grown stronger, resuming its long-held trend of outpacing global economic growth.
Clearly, there are lessons to be learned from the crisis, and a return to business as usual will not suffice. But in the near term, this is not about partisan politics or competitive advantage. It is about helping a vital industry survive this calamity. Commercial aviation is a connective tissue that underpins global commerce, drives prosperity and supports many millions of jobs. Allowing it to wither is not a realistic option. The coming days will be dark, but rest assured the industry will recover and once again prosper.

Selected and summarized Minh Pham from the source  https://aviationweek.com/aerospace/editorial-why-coronavirus-cannot-kill-aviation