easyJet Founder Says Airbus Order Is Airline’s Biggest Threat


easyJet founder and largest shareholder Stelios Haji-Ioannou has said that the United Kingdom low-cost airline needs to cancel orders for new Airbus aircraft.  “The number of aircraft in the fleet and the number of aircraft an airline buys from Airbus is critical.

A long-time critic of the company’s expansion plans, Mr. Haji-Ioannou has called the purchase of new aircraft purchases “destructive of long-term value.”

The former airline boss who still holds a 33.7 percent stake in the airline has long argued that easyJet needs to operate a fleet of just 250 aircraft.

Those airlines that do manage to weather the storm will probably reduce their fleet size to increase profits.

At the moment airlines cannot make plans for the future, but what if the current crisis continues into the summer many airlines will go under unless they get help.

Selected and summarized Minh Pham from the source  https://simpleflying.com/easyjet-airbus-order-threat/?utm_source=email