Delta Develops Artificial Intelligence Tool to Address Weather Disruption, Improve Flight Operations

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian used his keynote speech at the annual Consumer Electronics Show to discuss a new 2020s operational structure for the international carrier that will be driven by the use of a new artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning tool.

Skywise is the data analytics platform Airbus uses to improve flight operational efficiency for airlines, enabled by the Collins Aerospace flight operations and maintenance exchanger (FOMAX) secure server router and compact connectivity unit that gathers aircraft maintenance and performance data and automatically sends it to an airline’s maintenance control center engineers and technicians.

That process can help Delta understand when to replace certain parts before they fail and cause an aircraft on ground situation. Delta’s pilots have also developed a flight weather viewer tablet application that gives them a three-dimensional view of their flight path with a prediction of where turbulence will occur. We have been able to reduce the impact of turbulence with a flight weather viewer, which is an app developed by our very own Delta pilots. It visualizes turbulence and other weather hazards along the flight path. A key aspect of the new AI tool is that it is proprietary, using Delta’s internally held historical operational data to simulate the outcomes of certain environmental impacts on flight operations in real time.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham