Current Trends in Airport Ground Transportation

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As a result of the swift and dramatic trend of Transportation Network Company (TNC) use at airports, the ultimate winner is the airport consumer. The user now has more options for airport parking and car rentals, taxis, and other traditional airport ground transportation operators. The subsidized nature of TNCs (Uber and Lyft are running huge deficits) resulting in attractive lower fare alternatives, has forced airports to review their long-run development plans for parking and car rental revenues, and traditional ground operators now need to up their game with new and better customer services through apps as well as offering smaller vehicles and more immediate services. This trend has also shifted customer expectations for airport ground transportation. Customers now expect swift and cost-effective airport ground transportation. Yes, this trend in airport ground transportation has been traumatic for some, but both airports and ground operators are reacting and taking positive steps to adjust to this changing and challenging environment.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Ta Ngoc Diep: