Challenges in airport digital transformation

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When it comes to digitization, airports face a multitude of challenges including appropriate IT infrastructure for future resource allocation and automated passenger flow forecast tools. Focusing on improving operations and innovation while enhancing passenger experience, airports use different concepts such as: airport collaborative decision making (ACDM), airport operations center (APOC) and total airport management (TAM), which benefit on new technologies and digital tools. The paper outlines airport digitization trends, the structure through which total airport management is implemented and identifies the changes in airport management determined by new implementation schemes. The authors also analyze the technological challenges determined by the required equipments for the digital transformation of Romanian Henri Coandă airport and propose solutions for check-in area, security, customs control, departure control and passenger assistance services. Ultimately, the impact of implementing the proposed technologies, especially on the experience of the passengers will be examined.

Pham Thi Thu Thuy selected and summarized from the source