Bluebox on enabling airlines to go app-free for free with wireless IFE

iPad displaying the conent available.

Vistara’s passengers can still stream over the Vistara World-branded app.

“It’s so important because [Vistara] is a full-service airline. And like most airlines, it is really hard to convince people to download the app. Reducing W-IFE usage hurdles will certainly improve take rates, as it simplifies the #PaxEx of accessing Digital Rights Management (DRM) content. But airlines can also offer the browser-based wireless IFE option for service recovery as well. A compact, plug-in powered version of Bluebox Wow, which is integrated with an airline’s PA system (ensuring cabin crew can pause the wireless entertainment to make passenger service and safety announcements) – recently became ready for prime time.

The Bluebox executive anticipates that low-cost airlines will also be drawn to the revenue-generation aspect of the system, as Bluebox can facilitate PCI-compliant credit card transactions.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham