Airbus Continues To Stretch A330 Capabilities

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Airbus insists it is not discouraged by Hawaiian Airlines’s move to ditch its order for six A330-800s in favor of Boeing 787-9s, saying its aircraft—specifically the newly launched higher weight version—offers unbeatable benefits in terms of operational versatility, cabin comfort, range, and capital costs compared with the 787-9.

The program will continue as planned and development of the -800 remains “on track,” while highlighting the continued success of the A330 program overall. “The best thing to happen to the A330 was the launch of the 787. It made people look at the midsize market,” said A330 head of marketing Crawford Hamilton.

To improve the A330neo’s attractiveness and accommodate demands from several unidentified customers, Airbus offers the aircraft with an increased maximum takeoff weight of 251 metric tons, up from 242 metric tons, enabling what it calls “true long-haul widebody operations.” The A330-800, at 251 metric tons, can fly up to 8,150 nm with full passenger load in a three-class configuration, while the A330-900 flies as far as 7,200 nm fully loaded, or another 650 nm compared to the respective standard A330neo variants. The new range “will open up new markets for our customers,” according to Hamilton. Airbus plans to offer the higher MTOW A330neo as an option with EIS scheduled for 2020.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Ta Ngoc Diep: