Airbus A320 Neo vs Boeing 737 MAX

The future of single-aisle aircraft is taking flight with Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX– creating better, more efficient ways for airlines and passengers to fly.

New engine options by Neo

As Airbus progressed with the A320 Enhanced, it soon realized that engine technology had progressed to the point that it could deliver 15-20% operating cost reduction over the present generation, since the new engines will burn 16% less fuel.

The A320neo delivery was postponed from October 2015 to early 2016.

Reengining the single-aisle – MAX

The pressure from airlines and aviation community for more fuel efficient aircraft forced Boeing to shelve their previous plans. Boeing is expected to deliver its first 737 MAX to customers in 2017.

The main principal changes and new features

Winglets. Fuselage. Improved aluminum alloys increase structural life, while the extensive use of composite materials save weight and reduce parts.

Engine. Winglets. Engine. The LEAP family of engines is a sole supplier for the Boeing 737 MAX, which will feature the slightly smaller LEAP-1B. Environmental performance. Nose landing gear. Propulsion installation. The MAX is the first Boeing single-aisle aircraft to feature both primary and fan duct chevrons.

A320neo and 737 MAX orders

Airbus rules the market of reengined narrow-bodies, with 60% of the market.

More than 7,300 firm orders for A320neo and 737 MAX aircraft combined have been signed to date.


Whereas Airbus spreads final assembly across four production lines in Europe, China and the USA, Boeing concentrates 737 final assembly under one roof.

Collected and summarized from the source below by Minh Pham