A Battery-Powered GPU Ideal for Gates Without Fixed 400 Hz

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For airports wishing to reduce their carbon footprint and to improve the working environment of their staff, the solution is the all-new battery-powered 7400 GPU from ITW GSE. The new unit is ideal for gates without a power supply, remote parking areas and hangars.

This drive has resulted in the ITW GSE 7400, a groundbreaking battery-powered GPU. Based on an ITW GSE 2400 solid-state converter powered by Nissan Leaf battery packs—both proven technologies—the benefits of the ITW GSE 7400 are obvious: 90% Lower Emissions and Costs, the Ultimate in Flexibility, improving the Working Environment

Collected and summarized from the source below by Ta Ngoc Diep:  https://www.aviationpros.com/press_release/12435497/a-battery-powered-gpu-ideal-for-gates-without-fixed-400-hz